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  • Crawl



    I had a ball watching this. Hits all the right notes. Spendidly-escalating scenario with some great grizzly kills. I wish we saw more genre films of this size from the studios. Is it weird that Barry Pepper reminded me a lot of Alex Winter?

  • The Parallax View

    The Parallax View


    Before I saw this gripping conspiracy thriller, I thought Warren Beatty was a seedy old lothario. Now I think he's the coolest cat out. He plays a muckraking journalist who dismisses an ex-girlfriend when she tries to tell him about some mysterious deaths surrounding the assassination of a presidential candidate. But when she turns up dead herself, he takes it upon himself to investigate, and uncovers a shady organisation that appears to be recruiting potential assassins. Then it gets really…

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  • Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit


    Wow. On paper, there’s nothing particularly revolutionary happening here - aspiring singer pursues her dream - but holy shit is this movie powerful. Got me in the gut, big time. Elle Fanning is stunningly good. Wow.

  • Stoker



    I gotta admit I struggled a bit with this - don't tell anyone. It was only by about half-way through that I accepted what this film was trying to do, and from that point onwards I was fully with it. I might've been in the wrong mood for it. Ultimate response is one of admiration more than pleasure.