Batman ★★★★

👍🍅73% || GRADE: B
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Tim Burton’s Batman (or: Batman ‘89) presents itself as a dark yet effective origin story that oozes with an eerie tone and witty entertainment, even though Jack Nicholson at times outweighs the title character. 

I’ve heard so much about this film before. Tim Burton is usually known for presenting his audience some more unusual or more out there ideas, so I was surprise to see him make a superhero film. But after watching this for the first time, this film is a PURE DELIGHT. 

Based off the DC comics, the STORY really follows the origin story of Joker (Nicholson) and his he because the Joker. But what this film also does very well is making Bruce Wayne (Keaton) a mystery enough to really make you intrigued. I loved how they weaved in Batman’s origin into this film. SCREENPLAY was also very well done I thought. This script really plays to its actor’s strengths and really made their characters really entertaining. 

Michael Keaton as Batman I thought was really solid. His Bruce Wayne isn’t my favorite, but I really liked his Batman a lot. He really dawns the cape and makes very well and I really dug his performance all the way through. SUPPORTING cast was lead by Jack Nicholson who plays a REALLY great Joker.  For the time, he just was the perfect fit for this role and he really give everything he’s got into it. 

PACING was really solid. This film really moves by really nicely and I though that it ran really smooth. For 1989, the visual effects were not that bad not gonna lie. I loved that iconic Burton production design and the costume design (especially for Batman) was really solid as well. Also Danny Elfman’s Musical Score was simply SPECTACULAR!!! LOVED every piece of music in this film. 

In the end, Batman (or: Batman ‘89)  is a great comic book film that really holds up to its very day. I was actually very shocked by just how solid this film was. I can’t wait to continue the series tomorrow. Overall, solid film with a TON of rewatch value!!!

“Where does he get such wonderful toys?”  ~ Joker

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