Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon ★★★½

🍅69.7% || GRADE: C
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Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon succeeds at captivating the mind and captivates the audience’s minds with wonder, solid voice work and beautiful animation, but a somewhat boring and straightforward narrative hindered this beautiful looking movie. 

This was my second experience in the cinemas since the pandemic started and I have to say....I’m not too sure if this is the famed company’s best work. I really liked most of this movie as a whole, but I thought that it was lacking in a few things. But still this is a solid animated movie. 

The plot was the thing that I had the most questions about. I mean, I really liked some of the movie’s narrative, but then there were things that really just seemed out of place. The writing was fine. Some of the most solid comedy I’ve seen in an animated film in awhile. I was surprised by just how much humor was packed in here. 

Kelly Marie Tran’s voice work as Raya was good. I really thought that her voice was perfect for this particular character. I really liked her performance. But the stand out was Awkwafina playing Sisu. She really was the glue that this movie needed.  Her character really carries the majority of the laughs. 

Once again, Disney’s PACING hits that sweet spot. I really love just how quick their movies fly. And that’s mainly due to Disney’s undisputed dominance in their animation style. And James Newton Howard’s musical score was FANTASTIC. 

In the end, Raya and the Last Dragon is a solid Disney animated movie. Certainly NOT Disney’s best work, but I really enjoyed it and I think it’s gonna be a headliner come the 2022 academy awards. 

“Remind me never to have kids” ~ Raya

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