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  • The Canyonlands

    The Canyonlands


    "In The Canyonlands, writer and director Brendan Devane understands how to spotlight the film’s shining star. Unfortunately, said stealer of Devane’s show is the Moab-set Utah canyon range that backdrops another lost-in-wilderness slasher.

    Cinematographer Alex Cantatore earns every cent of his paycheck by guiding viewers on a sunlit-scorched excursion down scummy rafting rivers, across weathered rocky plateaus, and under starlit skyscapes—yet, this is no tourism propaganda. The Canyonlands is a slasher that attempts to remember Native American massacres at the bloodsoaked hands of white miners; it’s just not a very effective one on the basest subgenre merits."

    Full Review: www.whattowatch.com/reviews/the-canyonlands-review-umphreys-mcgee-scores-a-forgettable-slasher

  • The Devil Below

    The Devil Below


    Bradley Parker's 'The Devil Below' is about the dangers of dragging a hole to Hell, or at least that's what some believe.

    Unfortunately takes its purgatorial themes a bit too seriously, as the film itself feels caught in a limbo that merely exists instead of thrives.

    Full Review: www.whattowatch.com/reviews/the-devil-below-review-something-not-so-wicked-this-way-comes

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  • Spontaneous



    "Sometimes, movies come into our lives when we need them most. Maybe it’s a theme, maybe it’s a character connection, maybe it’s a single line that stings with all-too-poignant relevance. Such a scenario might explain my ugly crying through the exit monologue in Brian Duffield’s Spontaneous.

    A riff on the Trainspotting “Choose Life” closer, where a recent high school graduate who's staring down society's bleak future outlook drops, “Trump’s gonna look up at me from his gold-encrusted coffin and go,…

  • Freaky



    I don't "fink," I know I like FREAKY a lot. Newton and Vaughn kill their body swap.

    What could be a one-note gimmick is instead a wit-fierce, explorative slasher redefinition that earns its shrieks and brings the bloodshed.

    Full Review: www.whattowatch.com/reviews/freaky-review-a-slasher-that-lets-its-freak-flag-fly