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  • Birdemic: Shock and Terror

    Birdemic: Shock and Terror

    I’m not going to review Birdemic. I’m going to review a single two sentence exchange from Birdemic and let you extrapolate the rest. 

    “How about dinner to celebrate your success. I know a good Vietnamese restaurant.”
    “Sounds delicious. I’ll see you then.”
    *shots of them both as the call ends*

    There is no discussion of place or time, the sound is a hot mess, they weirdly alternate between hard cuts and fades, and when they meet it’s a Thai restaurant.…

  • The Wild Goose Lake

    The Wild Goose Lake


    There's always a lot going on in this movie, but there's not always a lot happening. It dragged quite a bit, mostly in the middle. That said, it's a visually impressive film and I'm sad I couldn't see it in the actual cinema instead of the virtual cinema, so props to the decorator and cinematographer. When things are happening it's definitely worth it, and if they had shaved off about 15-20 minutes it would have been great.

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  • Desperately Seeking Susan

    Desperately Seeking Susan


    Rosanna Arquette nails it, and it's no easy feat to stand out when your costar is a young Madonna. I went into this only knowing about the amnesia angle, so it was a fun ride. It's shocking to see Aidan Quinn this young since I only knew him from Elementary.

  • Baby Blood

    Baby Blood


    This would make a great double feature with Possession if you like to pair your fine wine with strong cheese. The movie is fantastically bloody and never boring, and the English dub performances are actually pretty good.  If a French exploitation movie about an evil telepathic fetus is your thing, you shouldn’t miss it. 

    I’m assuming the original English release was heavily edited, because some scenes on the Kino release are still subtitled, but when Gary Oldman voices a killer fetus you watch the dub, by god!