Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★½

With the persona Bruce Campbell would develop over the years, it's surprising to see him playing this role so straight. Mix in a major role from Tom Atkins, and some behind the scenes work from Cohen and Lustig and you've got a lot of star power for the genre. It's weird how it feels like they're trying to keep Cordell's identity a secret when they clearing show us his badge and name in the opening credit montage, and even more now that his image is clearly printed on video boxes for the sequels I saw so many times growing up. The movie remains pretty effective, but what we see of Cordell in action doesn't fully mesh with the explanation we're given for why he's around which feels a but sloppy. Also, a lot of the issues could have been resolved with a bit more information sharing.

It needs to be stated that this movie feels drastically more timely today than it did in April when I placed the order for it. Even before the recent events that have been in the news internationally, Canada had a mass shooting by someone pretending to be a cop just a few hours from where I live. With all these events occurring, it kind of adds a bizarre filter to the movie. I imagine anyone who would be bothered by connections like this would be wary regardless of if I addressed it or not, but it would have felt weird to not acknowledge the elephant in the room.

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