Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid ★★★½

80s kids on bike movie meets The Road Warrior with a generous helping of splatstick gore. This is targeted at a very niche audience, but I am in that niche audience so it's all good. It definitely has the tone of something for a younger audience, but bets it's chips on the nostalgia market for an older crowd.
The characters all pretty much fit into the stock archetypes for this kind of story, but they're well cast so it works well. Apple walked the line between quirky adorable and somewhat annoying early in, but she grew on me as it went on. Ironside wears the role of post-apocalyptic tyrant like a custom fitted suit.
A fun movie that managed to get itself out there before 80s nostalgia started to overstay it's welcome. I'll be keeping my eyes open for sequel news.

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