The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

Saved the best for last!

Alejandro Jodorowsky has made 10 films with one on the way - according to Letterboxd. I have seen all ten of them and this is, in my opinion, his best. It's also the one most people think is his best which is why I wanted it to be my last Jodorowsky film.
Jodorowsky is known for making films with his "balls" and doing whatever he can to finish his films. Doesn't matter if a man points a gun at his face ("El Topo"), he's finishing it. Luckily his balls are stronger than Superman’s, so we get films such as this.

«The Holy Mountain» is overwhelming in all aspects imaginable - be it the deep philosophical symbolism through the brilliantly grotesque imagery, the ingeniously bizarre plot that is impossible to properly describe, and the countless sequences and subplots in which the film spoofs all kinds of institutions such as governments, religion, and modern artistic pretentiousness alike.
Points out the corruption, hypocrisy and brutality of the world in a most brilliant manner that is both shocking and ironic to a point that is sometimes hilarious. All that is presented in a unique atmosphere, accompanied by an insanely brilliant score. Jodorowsky co-composed the wonderful music, utilizes his many talents.

The payoff was priceless. From the characters great development, the commitment the actors had for this film is almost unheard of. And more than that, «The Holy Mountain» has one of the most hilarious, surreal, subverting endings of all time and "ahead of its time …”

«The Holy Mountain» is Jodorowsky's masterpiece!

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