Uncut Gems ★★★★½

This movie is a freight train that never stops moving forward it just keeps going until the end when it crashes and burns. The obvious thing to note is Adam Sandlers return to becoming an actor again and boy did he hit this one hard, his performance in this film is insane he really sell the character he's playing straight to a T it was so hard for me to believe that it actually was Adam Sandler. The shots in this film are really good to especially when their in Howard's jewelry store since they leave the camera on a nice unhinged rig that captures so many scenes in one single take. The script is the lifeblood of this movie though, Howard's obsession of placing huge bets for enormous pay-out plays out so good that every bet he does I'm on the edge of my seat. The finale is the ace in the hole for the script, the tension is so tight and once you see the payout of it all is so amazing. See this movie that's all I got left to say, shame the Oscars shunned it so much.

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