Room ★★★★½

Out of a shitty novel comes a cinematic gem; Room is an incredible, astonishingly good portrayal of a mother's love and how even in the most remarkable situations, it transcends even the most evil of things. Brie Larson is preposterously excellent as a woman trying to make the best of an awful situation. Jacob Tremblay is one of the most capable child actors I've ever had the fortune of witnessing execute his craft - sure, Brie Larson outacts him in every scene, but for someone so young and so inexperienced, his naivety, his voiceovers, everything - is beyond his years. Lenny Abrahamson's direction appears workmanlike, unrisky, on first glance but it is on deeper inspection that it becomes apparent that Abrahamson, save his melodramatic overuse of strings, is focusing, unexploitatively, on keeping it all about Larson and Tremblay. This, currently, is my forerunner for Best Picture. Don't miss it.

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Brilliant Performances:
Brie Larson - Joy Newsome
Jacob Tremblay - Jack Newsome

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