Titanic ★★★★★

The 20th Century was an illustrious time for the medium of film. Sound was developed, colour too, and even CGI dragons and aliens blossomed the silver screen. However, no film was to have a bigger effect on pop culture than a film released at the tail-end of the century. Starring a then somewhat known fellow named Leonardo DiCaprio, and an English starlet named Kate Winslet, the film was about a ship, an iceberg and undying love. Titanic is, arguably, one of the greatest films released in the 20th Century, or ever. Its portrayal of epic, doomed young love is still emotionally resonant today. That's a fancy way to say it makes everyone cry. Indeed, the tear-inducing, gut-wrenching finale does make you cry bucketfuls.

And then there's the leads. DiCaprio is a swoon-inducing strapping young man, playing drifting artist Jack Dawson with believable aplomb. Kate Winslet as Rose, too is realistic, though her decisions throughout the finale are what some may call stupid (though others may call it romantic). Together, Jack and Rose's on-screen charm is eclectic, their doomed love maudlin and mawkish. Titanic is a titan of a film; it's not to be messed with. In other words, it's close to perfection.