Donald May Jr

Donald May Jr

President of the DVD/Blu-ray releasing company, Synapse Films

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  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    Re-watched this amazing classic again in 4K, via streaming. Truly one of Scorsese's best, and one of my all-time favorite films. I gave it an extra half star (from 4 to 4.5) because the new 4K transfer adds a lot of amazing new detail to the dark/gritty cinematography and it really sucked me into Travis Bickle's crazy world. I've never had the pleasure to see this theatrically, unfortunately. Still as powerful, haunting, sad and engrossing almost 45 years later.

  • Bloodshot



    Ehhhhhhh... The first "theatre at home" movie I watched because of the COVID-19 pandemic when theatres started closing en masse. I'm glad I was comfortable at home for this one, but it wasn't very good.

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  • Death Sentence

    Death Sentence


    Sorry for being so blunt, but this movie is fucking amazing. It's brutal, horrifying, nauseating, unrelenting and will make your blood boil, as it was meant to. It's gratuitous violence may turn off the easily shaken, but... Wow... This is one hell of a revenge thriller based on Brian Garfield's novel. The unrated version is the one to watch.

  • Opera



    For me, OPERA is tied evenly with SUSPIRIA as Argento's most amazing film. An almost perfectly filmed "giallo", OPERA is considered by many to be the "bridge" of Argento's career... the point in which his films have distinctly "gone down hill" and his career hasn't quite recovered. I admit to liking almost everything he has filmed, really, including THE STENDHAL SYNDROME which came after this, but OPERA is a masterwork.

    The haunting camera movements, cinematography, extreme flashes of gore and…