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  • When a Stranger Calls

    When a Stranger Calls


    In 1979, I went with my aunt and cousin to see this theatrically. The first 20 minutes actually caused my aunt to have a panic attack. All these years, all I ever could remember about this movie was the first 20 minutes, and now I know why... the rest of the film is a plodding crime thriller with a lot of sweaty Charles Durning running down streets and up staircases of various buildings. The end tries to pick up some…

  • Hellgate



    It's hard to watch a film where the most beautiful woman in it lusts after Ron Palillo. The plot also includes a crystal that shoots laser beams and melts faces and blows up buildings. If seeing Ron Palillo naked is something you need to experience before you die, then this movie is for you.

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  • Death Sentence

    Death Sentence


    Sorry for being so blunt, but this movie is fucking amazing. It's brutal, horrifying, nauseating, unrelenting and will make your blood boil, as it was meant to. It's gratuitous violence may turn off the easily shaken, but... Wow... This is one hell of a revenge thriller based on Brian Garfield's novel. The unrated version is the one to watch.

  • Opera



    For me, OPERA is tied evenly with SUSPIRIA as Argento's most amazing film. An almost perfectly filmed "giallo", OPERA is considered by many to be the "bridge" of Argento's career... the point in which his films have distinctly "gone down hill" and his career hasn't quite recovered. I admit to liking almost everything he has filmed, really, including THE STENDHAL SYNDROME which came after this, but OPERA is a masterwork.

    The haunting camera movements, cinematography, extreme flashes of gore and…