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  • Donnie Darko
  • Burning
  • Suicide Club
  • Martyrs

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  • Under the Banner of Heaven


  • Easy A


  • Morbius


  • Plan 9 from Outer Space


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  • Spontaneous



    What's not to like about teenagers exploding I thought when starting this movie.
    I was prepared for 100 minutes of mindless gory fun.

    What I got was a fantastic film with amazing performances, especially the two leads , a film about love, grief, coming of age and what the fuck to do with your life.

    It was funny, it was sad and it was shocking at times and it certainly hit all the right buttons with me.

    The music featured…

  • Gigantic



    Siixteen years before Sebatian Schipper finished his masterpiece VICTORIA, he made his directional debut with ABSOLUTE GIGANTEN.

    The last night of three friends together in Hamburg is full of mayhem, madness and melancholia.

    Watching this your laughter will turn into tears and vice versa.

    I have to add this to my all time top 100 because after all those years it still means the world to me.

    P.S.: That table soccer game and the final shot of the movie are priceless.

Recent reviews

  • Under the Banner of Heaven

    Under the Banner of Heaven


    Two episodes in and it is phenomenal so far.

    Scarier than any horror series because true believers are more frightening than any hellspawn!

  • Easy A

    Easy A


    One of the better high school conedies that is paying tribute to John Hughes starring a great Emma Stone as the ptetending school slut.

    Also noteable is the empathic guidance counselling from Lisa Kudrow. 😁

Popular reviews

  • Love, Death & Robots: The Very Pulse of the Machine

    Love, Death & Robots: The Very Pulse of the Machine


    ...maybe this is just one last dream before dying!

    Trippy with a stellar soundtrack.

  • Black Crab

    Black Crab


    An all star Scandinavian cast in a dystopian war movie.

    The scenery is breathtaking, the score is haunting, the acting is superb and the cinematography could not be better.

    The film is dead serious and this accomplishes the eerie atmosphere.

    The third act is sadly no match to the previous two but that does not prevent Black Crab to deliver 109 very entertaining minutes.