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Donnie Skuza

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  • Loving Vincent

    Loving Vincent


    Wow? This was disappointing. The film is very inaccurate, complete with a b-rated plot and English lazily spoken rather than French. Really the only redeeming quality here is the visual aspect. The flashback scenes, while entertaining, become stale. The dialogue begins to sound like a Bethesda video game as every character ends their conversation with, “Why don’t you talk to them?” It felt, to me, like a RPG quest. Go here, do this, read the letter. Loving Vincent doesn’t live up…

  • Cuties


    As a father I’m disgusted and terrified of what’s happening to this world. If you rate this any higher than a half star I unfollow you immediately. If you argue that pedophilia is okay you go to jail. If you can I urge you to buy a gun because this place is becoming highly unstable. Be smart, vote Republican.