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  • Altered States

    Altered States


    Participating in Cinemonster's Hooptober Se7en

    #11/31 of My List

    YO. I had to start taking notes because there was so much I loved in this.

    Firstly, that TITLE SEQUENCE. YEAH man. 

    Second, gosh I love the way William Hurt speaks. Fell in love with him in The Village but thought that the vernacular of the “period” they were set in was what dictated his annunciations. But no! He’s just... so different. And this was his first film?! Crazy. They couldn’t…

  • Sleep Has Her House

    Sleep Has Her House


    A masterful exercise in extreme minimalism. A test of patience paired with an immersion into nature's visceral evocations. There’s mystery and foreboding without narrative, which seems not quite possible. But as you watch, you’re constantly confronted with moments of impossibility. Barley somehow manages to blur the lines between a still image and a moving one. He blurs the lines between silence and sound, peace and paranoia, tranquility and anxiety, complete darkness and the presence of light. I do not know…

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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    “The world does keep moving and it is a damn cruel place. But for me, those moments of stillness, that place, that’s the kingdom of God. And that place? will never abandon you.”

    There was a lump in my throat for basically the entire runtime. This just resonated in a lot of really personal ways, beyond what I expected. I’m a musician with the teensiest amount of tinnitus, nowhere close to painful or necessarily a sign of significant hearing loss.…

  • Bad Genius

    Bad Genius


    Somehow this is the first Thai film I’ve ever seen! Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s films are on my watchlist, but this one managed to be my first. 

    Really sleek teen drama about high stakes academic cheating. Cinematography and score were polished and were what the film called for, if sometimes a bit too exaggerated for effect. There’s an element of rooting for the kids to get away with what they’re doing, in the way that we root for Ocean’s crew of 11.…

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  • Zombieland: Double Tap

    Zombieland: Double Tap

    all I wanna know is... will Bill Murray return as a zombie?

  • Skin



    When you’re a white director, maybe triple double check about using blackface in your movie as punishment. The irony this short goes for is amateurish to say the least. 

    This felt so problematic I’m not sure I can unpack it well enough. Stereotypes on stereotypes. Hate speech and hate crimes to get a rise out of an audience. Revenge to make the audience bloodthirsty. Blackface. 
    Wait, what?

    This felt like it was made by someone not woke whose favorite film is American History X. Looks like there’s a feature-length version now too. Maybe it will redeem itself.