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  • Key Largo
  • The Third Man
  • The 39 Steps
  • Jurassic Park

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  • The Gambler and the Lady

  • Children of Men

  • Shattered Glass

  • Jet Storm

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  • The Gambler and the Lady

    The Gambler and the Lady

    Somebody's attempt to make "noir" films in England. The Gambler (from the States) is doing all right in England with his clubs and his fighters and his horses, but he craves the society and acceptance of British nobility, who he foolishly imagines to be from a better class than himself. This is how he meets The Lady.

    Stir all this up, throw in a jilted showgirl and the menace of Italian muscle moving in, and you've got yourself a movie. Of sorts. Some humour and clever writing, but overall stiff and improbable.

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men

    This review mixes my own thoughts with liberal quotes from Roger Ebert - www.rogerebert.com/reviews/children-of-men-2007

    This is a very bleak film. It's so bleak it gives the impression of being shot in black-and-white. The film is set in 2027, when assorted natural disasters, wars and terrorist acts have rendered most of the world ungovernable, uninhabitable or anarchic. Britain stands as an island of relative order, held in line by a fearsome police state.

    The story is secondary to the visual world…

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  • A Christmas Story 2

    A Christmas Story 2

    How many people even know there WAS A Christmas Story 2? I certainly didn't. I'm not sure how I stumbled onto it (it was straight to video), but I'll watch anything. You know, it wasn't nearly as bad as you might expect - some overdone hokiness and attempts at slapstick aside. I only learned today that Jean Shepherd had done ANOTHER sequel to A Christmas Story, released in 1994 as My Summer Story (he was not associated with this film, except as original author). I wouldn't go so far as to recommend this, but I wouldn't spurn it either.

  • Sweet Love, Bitter

    Sweet Love, Bitter

    I watched this film on YouTube under it's original title, not the sensational one on the Letterboxd thumbnail - I don't know anything about that. I have not been able to find it anywhere else.


    IMDB describes it as "a loose fictitious [sic] of Charlie Parker's last years and a portrait of the jazz scene in 1960's New York." Dick Gregory was outstanding in his first acting role as Ritchie "The Eagle" Stokes, a stand-in for Parker, though I…