Hounds of Love

Hounds of Love ★★★★

"Come on, Evie. That's why she's here. Let's make the most of her. Together. Like we always do... "

1987. Perth. Australia.

The suburbs.

John and Evelyn White trawl the outer suburban streets of Perth. Hunting. Preying. Raping. Killing. Their target; young schoolgirls. John is a sociopath. His wife Evelyn/ Evie is complicit. Willing. Supportive. Devoted. They leave a trail of death and horror in their wake. They exist in world of pain, of lies, of deceit, a world where everything is done for the sole purpose of satisfying John's perverted sexual urges, where Evie exists for the sole purpose of supporting John's perverted sexual urges.

Enter Vicki. Young. Naive. Rebellious.

Vicki sneaks out of home to join friends at a local party. On her way to the party, she runs into John and Evie along a rowdy stretch of road. Evie offers Vicki some cheap pot. John says they've run out of pot on hand, and offers to fix Vicki up back at their place. Sadly, Vicki agrees.

Brutal. Horrifying. Relentless. Ugly.

But throughout the runtime of 1st time director Ben Young's graphic and disturbing crime-thriller, the real story here isn't John and his perversions. It isn't Vicki and her fight for survival. The real story is the unfortunate, tragic situation we watch Evie endure. It's incredibly difficult to feel any level of sympathy for Evie considering how willing she is to join in helping John fulfill his twisted fantasies, but Ben Young forces you to see there's more to this than just a graphic story about a pair of serial killer couple. It's Evie's story. Her motivations. Her pain. Her tragic, pitiful existence centered around her pursuit of needing to feel loved. To feel wanted. To feel beautiful.

Fantastic cinematography. Solid performances by all the cast. A haunting score, as well as some incredibly well used popular tunes that only reinforce the tragedy behind Evie's eyes. If you've come here looking for the next Netflix Bundy movie, be prepared for a rude shock. Man, nobody does horrible shit like this as good as Aussies do. This is Mick "Wolf Creek" Taylor levels of ugly, but without any black humor. The people are ugly. The situations are ugly. It's violent, brutal, and there's simply no let up to the horror. None.

Not a fun watch by any stretch, but Hounds of Love is an extremely well told, compelling story that invites the audience to look past "the horror" and examine character motivations deeper.

"Just what you want to be, you will be in the end... "

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