The Sweet Body of Deborah ★★★★½

Hilton-A-Go-Go! Film#3

"You're so delicious and I'm always so hungry" ~ Marcel

Suzanne and Marcel live in Geneva.
Suzanne is filthy rich, and loves Marcel.
Marcel is broke, owes money, and is embarrassed to take Suzanne's money.
But he does anyway. Coz he's a typical, weasel of a bloke.
In order to pay Suzanne back, Marcel heads over to the USA to lean on friends and make a fortune in the land opportunity!
Meanwhile, Suzanne becomes despondent, and takes her own life.
This pisses off Philip.
Marcel comes back to Geneva and runs into Philip. With Marcel's new, hot, blonde haired, blue eyed Yankee wife, Deborah. Wow-na-Wow, I know!
Philip tries to avoid Marcel. Because he hates the fact that Marcel leaving Suzanne and heading to 'merica made Suzanne "off herself".
Man, relationships be a bitch!

Things between Philip and Marcel and Deborah get weird.
Someone starts stalking Marcel and Deborah.
And making death threats. Against Deborah. And her sweet body. Yes, I really just did that. I know. I know...
They skip Geneva. Marcel sees Philip. Everywhere. Even talking to Deborah. What's going on here? Can this get any weirder?


Enter.... (insert drum roll here).... GEORGE HILTON!


As.... (insert another drum roll here).... CREEPY THIRD ACT NEIGHBOR, ROBERT!

I fucking know! They held out til the ass end of this to really give this shit a solid twisteroonie!

Is Philip the stalker? Is Robert the artsy, pervert neighbor in on this shit, too? Why are there so many fucking telephones everywhere? What is the name of the hot, black Go-Go dancer chick? Did director Guerrieri actually, single-handedly invent both up-skirting AND podophilia? Has QT seen this? Did everyone in this end up dying of cigarette induced lung cancer? And speaking of "solid twisteroonies", what about the European version of Twister that comes with its own soundtrack record? Man, that's gotta be a collectors item by now...

I watched the German X Rated Kult 2 disc blu-ray released in 2016. It's a great release, sports an Italian language track version with English subs. There's a liberal amount of vinegar syndrome damage throughout the film, but certainly not enough to be distracting. There are a few age related artifacts and the ever present lens hairs, but overall this is both a solid presentation and a great package for those considering a purchase.

The Sweet Body of Deborah is one exquisite Giallo, and by Giallo, I mean "a stylish European murder mystery" with a fantastic "didn't see that shit coming now, did ya" style ending, and everyone who needed to get their just desserts, getting 'em!

IsAnyoneEverRichEnough/ 10

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