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  • Aquaman



    The best superhero movie I'll watch in January 2019. Until I watch another one, that is.

  • The Death of Stalin

    The Death of Stalin


    Less slapstick than I was expecting, which was a lot, I think, because I laughed hardest at some of the slapstick elements ie. carrying Stalin and putting him on the bed, the autopsy and son showing up, the entire funeral ceremony.

    Thinking about it, I guess there were loads of it in the movie...maybe I thought that was the entire idea? It's great regardless of my pointless conception and I'd like more.

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  • Private Life

    Private Life


    Jenkins' direction really makes this movie pop. It's interesting how a simple two shot (or several) can give a movie legitamacy. We get to see characters actually interact and play off each other. It's a subtle character building device that doesn't have anything to do with character or story, and I find it fascinating. They're just more lively and can provide nuance that a shot/reverse/shot setup cannot match. Good directing isn't synonymous with showy or long takes. Sometimes all it takes (nice) is putting characters together in the same shot. Who'da thought?

  • Support the Girls

    Support the Girls


    Support The Girls can be explained in a single scene (not that you'd want to! but I'm "reviewing a movie" here). That scene is Hall procuring those heart stickers and placing them in various places around the building with a silent, steadfast intent. You can't ever know if or when someone will notice your time and effort and hard work, but you do it anyway. There's no prize. There isn't even family, ultimately and unfortunately. Most people couldn't begin to care about anything you do. Still, persevering is the only option we have.