Parasite ★★★★★

"A young guy's sex life is his own business, that's all fine. But why in my car? And if so, why not in his seat? Why cross the line like that? Does dripping his sperm on my seat turn him on?

we all know Parasite has a recurring theme of economic divide, maybe theme isn't the right word as the film is literal depiction of economic class divide with a dark satiric twist to it and brilliant characters.
Bong Joon-ho's characters are not only important in leading the story towards an end but they're humane and their struggle is brutal, wether it be Memories of Murder or Mother his films are driven by the force of his strong characters and he does that brilliantly in Parasite. the blocking in each and every scene is so detailed and well put that one can easily say that the director is a master in his craft and, in my opinion, Parasite is Bong Joon-ho's most well crafted film of all time, ahead, miles ahead of Memories of Murder. speaking of blocking, last time I saw this detailed and meticulous blocking was in David Fincher's Zodiac, specifically the basement scene. now I'm bringing up Memories of Murder a lot in this review and I think I should as it is afterall his best work and personally one of my favourite film of all time and I never thought he'd top this, which he still didn't but holy shit was it close, so close. not only does Parasite remind us how significant bong is to his craft but also reminds us the fact that he truly is one of the greatest auteur. Parasite is hilarious, gut-wrenching, articulate and most importantly powerful and oh god do I still think about the end. the more you watch it the more you appreciate the attention to detail and it's craft. each time you'll find something new in the film and for me that's a huge achievement a film can have. and let's not forget how quotable this film is. Parasite truly is, easily, top 5 of the decade, hands down.

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