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  • Fulci for Fake

    Fulci for Fake


    Who was the real Lucio Fulci?
    In this documentary we see interviews from the people who were close to him.
    From Fabio Frizzi to Sergio Salvati, we get to hear stories from his life and work.

    The most interesting to me was his daughter Camilla Fulci.
    Her stories were both funny and sad, and i could listen to her telling stories all day.

    Highly recommended for fans of Fulci.

  • Grandmother's House

    Grandmother's House


    Something about this one didn’t work for me. I really didn’t like that it was filmed mostly in broad daylight (imagine that farm at night with lots of fog or maybe a thunderstorm).
    Anyway, not much happens, and halfway through i started feeling a bit bored, so this one gets a "meh" from me. (The twist ending was ok)

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  • Dawn of the Dead

    Dawn of the Dead


    First time i saw this was sometime in the late 80s (i was 10 or 11 at the time) and i was on vacation with my parents in Germany. The people we visited had this on VHS, and they let me watch it. (probaly to get rid of me for a while😂) It was in German so i could not understand a single word, but i didn’t care. It was awesome then, and awesome now.