The Revenant ★★★

Despite the two and a half hour runtime this really didn't feel overly long. This was probably due to the amazing visuals, the cinematography is simply amazing and so despite anything else it is always a pleasure to look at. Well possibly not while people are being mauled by bears, but you get the idea. Add to that the fact that the sound design is simply brilliant as well. The rear and surround speaker are extremely active and there was always something going on there. That's probably a necessity in a film with so little dialogue. There were a couple of moments though were the mix seemed off and all the various sounds kind of drowned out the voices. Although it's possible that was an issue with the theatre not the film itself. Everything technical about the film was spectacular, but where this film fails is in the story. A man trekking through the wilderness for revenge is just too simple to really engage with. You never really get to know who Hugh Glass is and so there is not enough of a connection for you to really care about what happens to him. There is also a problem with the geography. While it looks great you never really get the idea of where the various groups of people are in relation to each other. This reduces the threat when you have no idea if the enemy is one mile away or two hundred! It was interesting to watch and I'm glad I have done but I'm not really sure I ever need to see it again.