Tenet ★★★★

This is exactly what you’d expect from Christopher Nolan. His newest experiment involving time provides us with the familiarly stunning mind-bending sequences and surprisingly scant thematic material. The latter is what prevented this film from being among Nolan’s best, along with there not being much substance to the characters - however cool they may be. Nevertheless, this is still a remarkably crafted blockbuster on all counts. The change of composer from Hans Zimmer to Ludwig Görranson is a most welcome one, that brings with it a fresh, propulsive score. Jennifer Lame definitely had a lot to work with in the editing room and handles the challenge exceptionally. Cinematography, production design, and acting are all fine. The soundscape is utterly cinematic, but I do share others’ annoyance regarding key bits of dialogue being drowned out. So overall, a really excellent and inventive action flick on a large scale. 

I also think we could’ve used more Robert Pattinson in a double-breasted suit.

On another note, this has a death scene that made my neck hurt.

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