Ad Astra

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I have to give it a heart for the first 90 minutes. I loved it all. And yes, even the voice over. But, rarely have I completely disengaged from a final act more than this one.

I got strong 2001 vibes from the first chunk of the film. Obviously high praise! But the world building really worked for me and the thought of 2001 really came to mind when he “flew commercial.” And then it followed that with multiple sequences featuring things I’d never seen before.

I thought the voice over was performed well and fit in with the constant psyche evaluations. It didn’t leave any room for subtext or interpreterion, but that’s ok.

Interstellar has and ending that loses a lot of people. Not because they “didn’t get it” but because it takes huge leaps and really asks you to go along with a lot. I think Ad Astra does something similar when he gets to Neptune, except the story just screeches to a hault. In the films climax he has to figuratively and literally let his dad go which just feels trite, especially considering all that had come before.

And the film doesn’t come back from that. The epilogue or bookend feels equal trite because of how easily he got there.

But I loved it so much before that.