Jojo Rabbit

My question going into the film was “Can this work? Can you make a satire like this that doesn’t feel disrespectful to millions of Holocaust victims and survivors?”

The good news is that the film goes to dark places, which feels like a requirement to even begin to answer the question.

But, my real question after the film was...who is this for? And what is the message? Satire typically serves a purpose more than entertainment. But, this film seems to stop at “hate is bad, love is good.”

Obviously it’s anti-Nazi, but are Nazis going to see this? Are they going to have an epiphany?

Maybe the message is more about how easily people become indoctrinated. In that case, the point may be to raise alarms that good people are sliding down that slope right now.

But if so, it feels a little too subtle to me. A satire this bold probably should leave a message more bold than just “hate is bad.”

Maybe I’m just not the target audience. But then, who is?

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