Nerve ★★★★★

I loved NERVE. It reminded me most of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist mixed with Drive's style with a dash of Mr. Robot.

It's a high concept, hyper stylized, romantic thriller wrapped up in a half decent Internet technology package. It was made for me. About half way though it shifts from romance to thriller and I couldn't be more into it.

It loses some of its finesse during the climax. It becomes a little preachy about Internet culture, which felt like a stylistic shift. The film does a pretty good job at showing not telling until then. Maybe the end could have used a few more passes. I forgive it for this, but others may not be able to.

I bought the performances up until the end, but I'm not sure who could have delivered that dialog well.

From the tech perspective it clearly takes inspiration from real life networks Tor and Bitcoin. The filmmakers don't seem to be going for complete accuracy, but instead are keeping the spirit of what's possible with that tech. I think it works great. I may have rolled my eyes once or twice, but I think that's pretty good for a movie where computer systems play a significant role.