Now You See Me

After I watched this I googled it to find out when it was made and google provided this “people also search for” box that included The Brothers Bloom. I don’t love comparing films like that, but now the comparison was right in front of me.

I realized that, for me, Bloom has similar themes and similar high points but doesn’t share the lows. There is no room for character depth in NYSM, but it’s all about characters in Bloom. Both have tradional magic tricks, but the card trick in Bloom carries an emotional weight that NYSM doesn’t quiet meet, even with its Robin Hood themes.

Even with that, it’s clear the film was written by people who love magic. The Horsemen say things in their acts that I’ve heard Penn and Teller say. Conversations about what magic is actually good for come down on the side in magic’s favor. I’m sure the film got new people into magic. So, I give it credit for all of that and really liked those parts.

The cast is also pretty great across the board.

One last thing: I can’t forgive the t****y joke. It was never ok, but you can’t hide behind the “different times” defense in 2013. I need to watch it again, but I also don’t remember The Brothers Bloom mocking a marginalized group like that, just saying.