I really love super stylish noir type films, especially in this dark and gritty reboot world we live in. There are plenty of revenge based shoot-em-ups, but give me beautiful frames, an impossibly well dressed lead, and good music. John Wick is probably the best recent example, but films like Drive also come to mind.

That journey for stylish films quickly led me to the 60s and 70s where there there are plenty to choose from. And Shaft is a perfect fit.

It offered more than I was expecting, too. Shaft is a superhero who has trouble getting a cab. He exists in the real world and can’t escape even the most basic racism.

The film felt very authentic, which ironically for my taste, may come down to the grittiness of the real world it occupies. But, it never lets up on its well dressed characters walking around to cool music. (Or jumping through windows!)

Related to authenticity, I was surprised to see the writers were white. I appreciate that a black director ultimately ran the show, but it doesn’t feel right to have a character who is occupying such a specific space be written by people who couldn’t possibly have had experience in that area.