Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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My new take is that the fun of Star Wars is in talking about the details and making sense of the messy story, and this one gave us a lot of details and messy story to talk about. It was kind of hard to sit through a second time, but it’ll still be fun to talk about as Star Wars canon. Like the prequels!

Also, The Last Jedi spoiled us with deeper story telling. But, that’s really an outlier in Star Wars mythology.


I saw it again, just to be sure.

It adds some really cool new things to Star Wars canon. Lots of stuff to dive into deep and find new stories in all the little details, especially with the Sith.

But I can’t process how this fits into the trilogy. Just one example: why did Kylo Ren put his mask back on? It doesn’t flow and makes it hard to get invested when stuff is just happening.

I have several pages of notes that I quickly got out of my head, but I can’t decide if it’s worth putting them together or just letting it be. I’ll probably just let it be because why would I want to bum myself out like that?