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  • Johnny Tsunami

    Johnny Tsunami


    "Hawaiian teenage surfer shows off his skills when he takes to the snow slopes in Vermont."

    If you're like me, you remember when Disney churned original made-for-television movies on the Disney Channel in the late 1990's/early 2000's; many of them were and still are duds, but a select few hold nostalgic glory. You bet your snowy, ska-music surfing biscuits Johnny Tsunami is one of those nostalgic classics!

    It's like a weaker version of Airborne (1993). We get…

  • Cemetery Man

    Cemetery Man


    CEMETERY MAN (1994)
    "A cemetery caretaker whose sanity is deteriorating must kill the dead a second time when they became zombies that emerge from their graves."

    "I should have known it. The rest of the world doesn't exist."_Francesco Dellamorte (portrayed by Rupert Everett).
    Better known as Dellamorte Dellamore in Italy, Cemetery Man is a horror-comedy unlike any other. It's such an absurdly pieced pastiche of black humor, melancholic themes, and a plot that ups itself in terms of over-the-top insanity…

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  • Malignant



    MALIGNANT (2021)
    "Madison is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, and her torment worsens as she discovers that these waking dreams are in fact terrifying realities."

    If history has anything to say, most horror directors tend to start off with a bang and along the progression of their film careers get reduced to a mere sizzle. Well, in James Wan's case, history doesn't apply!

    That's right, I'm happy to say Malignant is a stellar, outrageously delirious piece of horror…

  • Scare Me

    Scare Me


    SCARE ME (2020)
    "During a power outage, two strangers tell scary stories. The more Fred and Fanny commit to their tales, the more the stories come to life in their Catskills cabin. The horrors of reality manifest when Fred confronts his ultimate fear."

    When I see a new Shudder original, I'm anticipating it's going to be something scary, fun, or somewhere in between. My anticipation was drained for Scare Me in the first ten minutes!
    Shot in upstate New York,…