Inception ★★★★

A brilliant film -- for the most part. I can't believe it has taken me until 2019 to finally give this a watch but shout out to Sam for deciding to throw it on. Conceptually, I fell in love with the movie from the jump. The cast is pretty stellar overall but I can't help but feel like all of them were under utilized? I kept feeling so close to grasping that level of intimacy with a role but then it just fleets away the moment it pans back to the slow-mo of a car falling for 5,000 years.

The pacing at points felt somewhat awkward, although it managed to play it off well with having some very strong action sequences and clever footing with the dialogue when it came down to it. I think DiCaprio's role in this was quite strong in this, but I'm not sure where it falls under his filmography, in all fairness. Same with a lot of the other characters, honestly. Good performances but nothing outstanding. The real outstanding aspects were the practical effects and CGI, by a mile. A good amount of insanely creative scenes that still hold up well on a first viewing nine years later.

Overall, the plot to this is phenomenal. The roles feel underutilized for a good deal of time. The pacing feels a little too off-kilter once we hit the middle-into-the-final-act. And.. lastly, fuck the ending. I get it, sure... but, a) far too predictable, b) come on...

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