Son of the Mask ½

The type of movie that has absolutely zero reason to exist. The story is absolute drivel from the jump and I don't think anyone can actively give a shit about Jamie Kennedy and his gf's plot devices.

But.. am I surprised by any of this? I (vaguely) knew what I was in for when I signed up to watch this. There were some "entertaining" scenes (using this term loosely), at times some fun set design and some nice use of contrasting color palettes. But, any time there wasn't some over-the-top, Looney Tunes-inspired CGI, the movie was bad. Super bad. Really bad.

Son of the Mask is a kids' movie that's too far gone in uncanny valley to be a kids' movie and too childish and goddamn bad to be a movie for adults.

I think the most entertaining part of the movie was seeing the nostalgia between my girlfriend and her sister as we watched. Always super fun to see what oddball, random flicks get added into a family's catalog.