China Strike Force

China Strike Force ★★★½

I learned of Coolio's passing via Mark Dacascos' IG in which he referenced this movie. Then I saw it was a Stanely Tong flick so it was an instant SOLD for me. Truly if you can get pass the mostly dull crime tale, you'll be in for some fantastic action set pieces. The lamborghini vs. F1 chase, the helicopter fight and the very impressive suspended glass pane fight, all top notch. And if that's not enough for your ass, you get lots of Coolio. He and Dacasos play best criminal bros having the kind of old hack cultural banter that would make the more twitter minded draft a whole ass thread about how sad it made them or something. But he also gets in on some of the biggest action in the film, all with a variety of amazing late 90s/early 2000s fits. Very dumb, fun stuff. Would be a nice double with Knock Off or hell maybe even a mid level DMX joint.

Bonus Point
At one point Coolio wears a modified fedora that allows his hair to come through the top. What a fucking time to be alive baby.

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