F9 ★★

Finally I'm finishing off the Fast series. Much like when the gang gets back together again... in a lot of cases, F9 feels tired. The antics are tiresome. The team dynamic dried up. The humor as bland as ever. I noticed Chris Morgan was no longer involved as well as different editors. Two clear missteps. Instead its yet another video game plot, but one that even more than F7 and F8 just feels bloated and pretty uninterested in itself.

F9 could be broken down into 1/ video game main plot 2/ 90s prequel with teenage Diesel and Cena 3/ a roll call of former characters popping up and 4/ kids playing with magnets. I did enjoy the magnet based carnage. It's creative and executed better than I expected. But as nice as the stunt work was, I was rarely wowed. The fun cheese factor and soap opera-ness feels faded and we're just left with a familiar, overly long sequel. Even with new a DOM VISION scene and DOM RAGE MODE added.

Definitely not what I wanted from Justin Lin's return. Quite in fact both the series and Lin could benefit more from their separation. He can use his action talents elsewhere and the Fast world could end on a new voice as a grand finale and send off.

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