Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★½

I see alot of disdain for this early and I feel like much how people changed their tunes about a healthy chunk of this entire, batshit, cobbled together franchise - people will re-evaluate this later. For this, the THIRD Halloween 2 to exist essentially, DGG and company have opted for a bridge movie. Something we all knew given that this is a trilogy. And as such this baby is all gas. It's sort of a Halloween anthology. No one is really the main character. Laurie for example is mostly in the hospital the whole film. Instead it's the various Haddonfield people that take up the runtime. Allowing for... shall we say shifting tones at times.

Some of that works and some of it doesn't. There are exposition dumps here and there as needed. Some characters especially in the first act do some dumb as hell shit. But largely this is Michael's night of terror raging on like clockwork. And boy does it rage. The trailer actually doesn't give away that much in the end. Mostly the first fifteen minutes and tiny bits of the rest. Halloween Kills lives up to its namesake and doesn't really let up. It's dumb and it's fun and while lacking the suspense of the 2018 reboot/sequel - it is one of those go for broke horror sequels that I've come to love over the years.

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