Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★½


Shane's directing debut is still a fun, bloody, pretty fucked holiday journey. RDJ fresh out the joint in real life made a damn good return to form as a shitbag with a heart of gold crook who ends up in Hollywood possibly on trek to become a shitbag with a heart of gold actor! Val Kilmer as a gay private eye and showbiz consultant remains one his last strong performances. Lets just say at least 75% of their banter would be deemed unacceptable now. Rewrites would instead swing it where Kilmer would be simultaneously become more of a stereotype and constantly speak like a caffeine addled twitter thread about actual past traumas. You know, what passes for a good time nowadays.

The mystery is a ball of confusion, but endlessly fun to see play out. Also Michelle Monaghan is great. And needs to lead more projects. Been sayin it for years and im sayin it again!

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