Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★★

Certainly worth going in cold. Edgar's style is dialed down, but only a touch. Quite alot surprised me about Last Night in Soho, including just how much he walked down the road of a legit thriller without hiding behind humor as a guard. Mission accomplished I'd say. The soundtrack is put to smart use and some new key crew additions like Jeong-Hun as DP and co-writing with the Oscar nominated 1917 scribe. But truly Thomasin and Anya control the show. And what a fucking send off for Diana Rigg, my God.

It's still quite fresh in my mind and there are several twists and turns I'm still ruminating on, but I'm very eager to see it again in a few days. For sure it's a terrific time and a more unique thriller than let's on from promotions.

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