Tenet ★★★★

Cruises a lot smoother knowing where its going. It does feel more in tune with those latter day Mann films in terms of characters terse diction, snazzy attire and destructible action. However bigger, sci-fi and with more synths blaring.

With the recent news of Oscar Issac dawning the bandana and leading us ever closer to a well realized (hopefully) Metal Gear film. As well as IO announcing a Project 007 game coming... eventually. I'd like to speak something into the universe. Emma, Chris -- get Syncopy into the gaming business. You've got WB interactive right there with a solid track record. Bring your ungodly obsessions with time and explosions to a world that needs more twists, turns and confusing mechanics. Clearly with your Fortnite exclusives, qusi Diamond Dogs/Mother Base finale and varied plot devices that could be considered respawns -- you wanna.

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