The McMasters

The McMasters ★★★

There's a couple ways to look at the oddity of The McMasters. On the one hand it seems like people on Lxd are taken aback by the racism and general commodity like view of women. Which is true. I would also add that it is pretty believable for directly post Civil War. In fact this could've been set during the time the film was made and been accurate. But its a brutal way of seeing humanity. That seems to be The McMasters ultimate goal. To be a bit of a bring down, but not too hard.

Going with Benjie taking on the last name of his former master, be a war vet, husband and land owner -- all the things he was never allowed; while still commiting all the sins of wrath the whites did is dicey i suppose. But its also American. Its an ugly anti-western, but in a more soul crushing way. It can also seen as a comment on America's original sins through the glass of a lightly schlocky genre picture. Either way I think its got a little more worth than it's getting.