A Cure for Wellness ★★½

"Shitter Island"

To his credit, Verbinski frames his narrative with a vivid, multisensory environment. Sadly, he can't help but colour outside the lines. For what A Cure for Wellness lacks in procedural focus, it makes up for in rich, texturally grotesque imagery. However, the magnetism of it's superficial elements (cinematography and sound design) are undercut by a messy, directionless plot that doesn't so much culminate, but instead just... ends. I love puzzles, but this one's missing too many pieces to satisfy. At two hours in, I was still asking myself, 

"What the fuck is going on?"

...and maybe that's the point, but I felt cheated out of a coherent story. If I wanted a series of vignettes depicting a plotless nightmare, I'd save myself the money and watch a Flying Lotus music video instead. 


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