Linear ★★½

I've been carrying a torch for U2 for years, but I think it's finally time to admit to myself that they peaked in 1991 with Achtung Baby (which I will still go to bat for, as one of the best rock albums ever made).

This "exclusive film" by Anton Corbijn's was included with deluxe editions of the 2009 album No Line on the Horizon. Don't get too excited. While the imagery is pretty (expect nothing less from noted photographer Corbijn), it's little more than an illustrated version of the entire album. When not focused on Saïd Taghmaoui's lunch or the back of his head, it's something silly like a gender-bending burlesque set to "Get On Your Boots".

All that said, this does include what I think is U2's finest late-period song "Moment of Surrender", which they reportedly largely improvised and recorded in a single take. If the legend is true, perhaps the band could reclaim some of their mojo by letting themselves go like that again.