• This Gun for Hire

    This Gun for Hire


    Public enemy number one cat daddy.

  • The Glass Key

    The Glass Key


    Pretty wild how Chris Penn took a time machine back to 1942, just to play Jeff in The Glass Key, huh?

  • The Outfit

    The Outfit


    I appreciate that recent gangster movies like The Outfit and I’m Your Woman are finding new wrinkles: by focusing not on the cops or the robbers, but the people caught in their crossfire.

    The Outfit is unfortunately the inferior of the two; I was enjoying it quite a bit, until the umpteenth survived gunshot, and the late-third act resurrection of the villain, horror-movie style.

  • The Viewing

    The Viewing


    Immediately, within seconds, announces itself as the best of the series.

  • Enemy at the Gates

    Enemy at the Gates


    Whomst among us would not fight a propaganda war over Rachel Weisz?

  • Miami Blues

    Miami Blues


    There are antiheroes, and then there's just plain loathsome.

  • Disclosure



    Boy, I hope DigiCom sorts out those issues at the CD-ROM drive manufacturing plant, else Sirrus and Achenar will never be freed from the island of Myst.

  • The Freshman

    The Freshman


    I kept wishing this had been directed by Jonathan Demme.

  • All the Pretty Horses

    All the Pretty Horses


    Billy Bob Thornton's doomed All the Pretty Horses should have, by all rights, been a golden ticket for all involved. Let's run through its pedigree and prestige:

    • based on an acclaimed novel with popular name recognition
    • directed by an indie darling
    • screenplay by a proven specialist in adapting novels
    • starring beautiful young up-and-comers
    • score by a notable musician/producer
    • distributed by a household-name movie company known for boffo box office and landing major awards


  • The Autopsy

    The Autopsy


    Did you enjoy Guillermo Del Toro's supremely gross vampire autopsy sequence in Blade II? Well have I got just the thing for you...

  • Psycho



    What is left to be said about one of the most talked-about movies ever made? But rewatching Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho again for the first time in years, with a live audience at Rooftop Reds at Brooklyn Navy Yards, upended a few of my old opinions.

    Reams have been written about its still-unusual structure, which violates every tenet of screenwriting -- and considering the early exit of its top-billed actor, even the Hollywood star system itself. My memory was that the…

  • Lot 36

    Lot 36


    This MAGA gentleman doesn't flinch when he sees a tentacled demon wriggling around inside a mummy, but loses his shit as soon as it stands up and starts chasing him. I don't think it's too much of stretch to detect the metaphor here: Republicans vote against their own best interests.