Midsommar ★★★½

Ari Aster doubles down on the freaky culty themes in Midsommar with what is essentially a feature long ritual but leaves behind a tighter emotional core, which I felt was incredibly lacking during the film’s 147 minute runtime. There is a lot to love in this film, it’s beautiful visuals, the suspenseful build-up, and wonderfully trippy camera work but even with all this I wish it addressed it’s themes of broken relationships and grief a bit more head on. While I want to stay away from endlessly comparing this to Hereidtary, I just wish everything came together in a similar way that matched it’s horror traditions to it’s deeply human roots. 
All that being said, maybe I just need to drink the tea and fall back into the film’s ritual. Prepare myself to laugh and shed my skin for it’s festivities and themes. We will see, as I’m eager to rewatch.

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