Regular Show: The Movie

Regular Show: The Movie ★★★½

A charming feature length (may it be a brief 70 minutes) adaptation of the hit cartoon Regular Show. If you are familiar with the show, it's pretty much just an extended and super high stakes version of the show. It's funny, it's goofy, it's got a ton of 80's throwback refs and it's got a lot of heart. I love the fact the show deals with mistakes and apologies in a kid-friendly way, kids could learn from it. If I was a kid and grew up with this show, I would love every second of this movie, so this film is pretty much a success for any fan of the show.
My issues come from some of the really stupid plot progressions and absence of other characters (where are you Margret/CJ/Eileen???? maybe the next movie will be more RELATIONSHIP driven). I can excuse most of the issues with the movie but I kinda wish it looked more like a "movie". I mean look at the Powerpuff Girls movie or the Spongebob Movies, they look a lot cleaner and more "grand".
But hey, it's enjoyable, sweet, short, and just a bunch of fun. Check it out if you like the show.

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