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  • Timecrimes



    Time Travel movies start with a deficit for me, as I'm not particularly fascinated by the theoretical loops and paradoxes on which they often rely for a majority of their impact. Time travel gimmickry can, however, be used to effectively run engaging characters through interesting circumstances, making them reflect meaningfully on their lives. As I'm more interested in emotional experience than mechanical skill, Nacho Vigalando's Timecrimes (a.k.a. Los Cronocrímenes) was impressive as a narrative exercise, but wrestled too little with…

  • Raising Arizona

    Raising Arizona


    With every viewing, the Coen Brothers' first comedy seems more and more perfect. Although there are a few occasions when Holly Hunter goes a little too broad, there is a genuine heart behind Raising Arizona that gives all of its immaculately executed set pieces a real resonance at the end.

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  • Krampus



    After hearing and reading in review after review that Krampus was a fun '80s-ish horror romp not unlike Gremlins, I was not expecting something this unremittingly dark and bleak. Still, I far prefer Daugherty's eclectic and unnerving brand of visual creepiness to the canned horror of James Wan and Blumhouse, and Krampus serves up a quality parade of Christmassy ghoulishness. It just isn't an experience you're likely to be smiling about afterward, and at several points I questioned my choice to invite my 12-year-old daughter to watch it with me. And she's been watching Gremlins since she was six.

  • Birdman



    I simply didn't care. Great acting, particularly by Ed Norton and Emma Stone. Early on Stone's character lets loose with an eviscerating speech that summed up my feelings exactly. Then it kept going for over an hour.