Bad Samaritan ★★½

Not good, but a lot of fun by the end of it. First, it was filmed here in Portland, which I did not know beforehand. Significant portions were filmed around PSU, where I went for two years. There were also shots near where I live, out along the Clackamas River in a small town named Carver where parts of Twilight were filmed. We drove on that same road just three days ago. All of that was very exciting.

Even though the character he played was blisteringly stupid at times, I loved the main actor, Robert Sheehan. He was a refreshing presence in a genre that usually sticks to bonehead types. they had to find someone who could make an idiot thief likable, and he was perfect.

David Tennant, who most people know as a Dr. Who, seemed to be having a lot of fun playing a psycho (the second disturbed character in movies this year with a history of horse abuse). He gradually morphs into John C. McGinley, which was bizarre and hilarious.

There was a lot of bad dialog, and some terrible delivery of bad dialog, but also one fantastic punchline from Kerry Condon that made it all worthwhile. Some very big campy laughs, in addition, and I liked this much much more than it deserved.

Fans of subpar horror/thrillers might get a kick out of it. It knows what it is.