Cemetery Man ★★½

Cemetery Man starts off as a loose, less-slick horror comedy in the vein of Evil Dead 2 and Dead Alive, about a graveyard caretaker (Rupert Everett) whose tenant corpses habitually rise from the grave 7 days after burial. With neat imagery and effects to complement its droll tone, Cemetery Man is consistently amusing throughout its first half, despite a lackluster script. When the story picks up, however, its tone becomes more and more sour -- Everett spends most of the movie shooting random people, not just dead ones, in the head -- as if director Michele Soavi intended all along for his movie to be a profound and poetic rumination on death and love rather than a silly zombie farce, and that shift never takes.

There may be more to Cemetery Man that will reveal itself on subsequent viewings -- it seems to be circular, if not entirely meta -- but only a few great shots and creature designs during the first viewing gave me any confidence that it might be worth another look.