The Sixth Sense ★★★½

It's become something of an annual tradition for the past few years to introduce one of my children to more mature lightly horror-ish movies by watching The Sixth Sense. Now that they've all seen it (this was my 7-year-old daughter's turn), maybe I can give it a rest for a while.

I highly appreciate M. Night Shyamalan's sense of craft in The Sixth Sense, but what really makes this movie work is that it's never cynically just a collection of horror tropes to cash-in on genre fans. All of Shyamalan's movies are about something genuine, and are also marked by a deep and permeating sadness, which is pretty unusual for this genre.

However, I can't say that I like this movie as much or more with each re-watch, and now I'm ready to put it away for a long time.