Octoblur 2017

My 4th Annual October Horror Movie Marathon, during which I try to watch new-to-me scary movies from a variety of countries, sub-genres and decades. Yes, everyone else does this. No, mine is no different.

I'll add movies to this list as I watch them.

Past Octoblurs:

2014: 48 movies

2015: 43 movies

2016: 47 movies

It's very unlikely that I'll hit those numbers this year; if I can make it to 31, it will be a success.

  • The Body Snatcher
  • Detention
  • Angst
  • Absentia
  • Just Before Dawn
  • A Cure for Wellness
  • Before I Wake
  • It Comes at Night
  • Mark of the Vampire
  • Raw
  • The Eyes of My Mother
  • The Wolf
  • The Isle
  • Cemetery of Terror
  • The Curse of the Cat People
  • Island of Lost Souls
  • Mother Joan of the Angels
  • Happy Death Day
  • The Night of a Thousand Cats
  • Hex
  • Greatful Dead
  • Demons
  • Strange Circus