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  • Don't Breathe
  • Don't Look Now
  • Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
  • Kill Baby, Kill
  • Don't Go in the House
  • On Body and Soul
  • Columbus
  • Nocturama
  • Graduation
  • Thelma

Screenflowers: 2017

13 films

Screenflowers are the great, unique or interesting movies that, for whatever reason, are overlooked or underappreciated during awards season, or…

  • The Fall
  • Smiles of a Summer Night
  • Westward the Women
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  • A Man for All Seasons

PopGap 2017 Potluck Film Fest Top 35

35 films

All 35 movies, out of 134 total, that received ratings of 4 stars* or more during the 2017 Potluck Film…

  • Winter Sleep
  • Irreversible
  • Autumn Sonata
  • Jailhouse Rock
  • The Seven Year Itch
  • Westward the Women
  • This Is Not a Film
  • Lady for a Day
  • All Is Lost
  • Bad Boys
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • The Evil Dead
  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Demons
  • Absentia

Octoblur 2017

45 films

My 4th Annual October Horror Movie Marathon, during which I try to watch new-to-me scary movies from a variety of…

  • Underground
  • Mildred Pierce
  • The Only Son
  • Fish Story
  • Behind the Candelabra

PopGap #32: Potluck Film Festival, Month Nine

12 films

September's Potluck Film Festival had few notable highs and lows, with eight of the movies landing in the 56% -…

  • The House of the Devil
  • The House by the Cemetery
  • The House on Sorority Row
  • The House with Laughing Windows
  • The House That Screamed
  • Because of the Cats
  • Cat People
  • Cat People
  • Cat in the Brain
  • Cat's Eye
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  • Early Summer
  • A Heart in Winter
  • Empire of the Sun
  • Pontypool

PopGap #31: Potluck Film Festival, Month Eight

12 films

For August's chapter of the Potluck Film Fest, my movies have been contributed by two fellow Flickcharters with extremely different…

  • The Godfather: Part II
  • The Godfather
  • West Side Story
  • Manhattan
  • The Graduate

PopGap 2016/11-12: Reference: My Top 20 Movies

20 films

These are my Top 20 movies of all time, as currently ordered on my Flickchart. Fifteen of these titles have…

  • Santa Sangre
  • Night of the Juggler
  • The Proposition
  • Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man
  • Dark of the Sun

PopGap #30: Potluck Film Festival, Month Seven

12 films

July's selection of movies, which ranged from VHS-only exploitation obscurity to Oscar-winning homogeneity, had the lowest aggregate ranking of any…